1. Can I configure my own care plan?

Care teams can choose from out-of-the-box remote care programs that we have designed alongside the leading health systems from across the globe. These pre-built programs can be fully customized as needed through our drag and drop Design Studio which allows care teams to quickly and easily create their own workflows or they can work with our client success team to help them build their own programs.

In our experience, our Client Success team usually builds a care teams initial workflow. Care teams then go on to build many more on their own with the Design Studio in which they can easily adjust the measurements needed from their patients, frequency, set normal/abnormal ranges and so much more. They can do this by individual patient, cohorts, or entire populations.

2. What are the building blocks of Datos Health’s care plans?

Our care plans are fully customizable and allows care teams to choose exactly what works best for them and their patients furthing

improving patient engagement. Some of the basic building blocks include:

  1. Care Pathways Design studio — Our user-friendly drag & drop interface facilitates quick and easy deployment of any remote care program; care teams can easily customize one of our turnkey solutions, adjust workflow protocols or work with us to build their own care plan without the need for a developer.
  2. Automated Remote Care Workflow — Our software recreates the steps in a care teams’ clinical workflow and performs tasks following a decision-tree, automated triggers are derived from the care plan protocol based on device data, survey responses and vitals measurements.
  3. PROM’s — Patient responses to validated questionnaires are stratified and scored by our algorithm which produce a reading, care teams are then alerted to abnormal readings or patients are prompted to follow an automated-triage workflow.
  4. Patient Experience App — Robust 2-way communication that sends patients alerts, reminders, and content specific to their care plan and prompts them to complete symptom surveys; data can be collected from any wearable or medical device. Virtual visits or single-click calls to care teams can be facilitated through the app and can be schedule in advance or done ad-hoc.
  5. Care Team Dashboard — Grants providers customized views of entire populations, cohorts, and individual patients. Automate for efficiency by setting rules to automatically generate alerts when patients’ measurements fall out of normal range, the system scores the PRO’s for each survey and questionnaire and performs rules-based triage, escalating alerts to the care team of any patients requiring immediate intervention.
  6. Device integration — We are device agnostic and can integrate with any medical device or fitness tracker that meets the needs of the care team and patient. Allowing patients to use their own device has been shown to improve patient engagement and program adherence.
3. What devices does Datos Health integrate with?

Our platform is device agnostic and can integrate with virtually any fitness tracker or medical device. patient. Allowing patients to use their own device has been shown to improve patient engagement and program adherence. Some of our partners include: Nanovation, EarlySense, Healthryhtms, iHealth, Garmin, Apple Watch, Polar.

4. Does the Datos Health system integrate with EMRs?

The Datos Health platform can integrate with any EMR. We have partnered with Redox to ensure tight integration and streamlined interoperability with over 1,800 health systems in the US, simplified integration with more than 85 EMRs, and a single, portable scalable API.

5. How is robotic process automation (RPA) included in care plans?

Providers can stay more connected to patient health by monitoring between visits and early identification helps avert adverse events, improves patient outcomes and quality of life. Through RPA, our system provides rules-based triage and sends escalation alerts to the care team when if a patient's measurements fall out of normal range. Care teams can focus on the patients that need them most while proactive management of vitals and symptoms reduces hospital readmissions Learn More.

6. How do patients communicate with their care team via the platform?

Multichannel communication is built-in, patients and providers can communicate via chat, scheduled or ad-hoc virtual visits, and facilitate one-click emergency calls. care teams can send patients alerts, reminders, and content specific to their care plan and prompt them to complete symptom surveys.

7. What conditions does the platform support?

Our fully adaptable remote care platform supports any clinical condition, any device and any automated remote care workflow. We already support nearly 70 conditions, some of our pre-built care programs include:

8. Which CPT codes are used for RPM Reimbursement

Datos Health’s platform has built-in reporting that can be uploaded directly to your RCM system helping you to maximize CPT code reimbursement for Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM), Chronic care Management (CCM), Remote Telepsychiatric Monitoring (RTM) and telehealth. Some of the most common CPT codes for RPM are: 99453, 99454, 99457, 99091

9. Is the patient experience app suitable for patients that are not tech savvy?

Our Patient Experience app was designed to be easy for any patient to use, which is crucial for patient engagement. The Design Studio also features a user-friendly drag and drop interface, enabling care teams to quickly personalize treatment plans.

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