The Datos Remote Care Platform

Intelligent automation for truly data-driven remote care pathways

An exceptionally comprehensive and scalable platform, Datos agnostically integrates with wearables and medical devices to deliver a valuable stream of clean, validated and relevant patient information.

Additionally, the platform intelligently merges sensor-generated vitals and indicators with patient EMR (Electronic Medical Record) data.

Datos applies advanced algorithms to this aggregate data “lake”, continuously analyzing all information to detect and predict anomalies, and issue and incorporate complex clinical insights into personalized and adaptable care pathways.

The platform fully automates all of these processes, increasing care teams’ patient management capacity, reducing the need for redundant patient visits and consequently keeping costs down.

How It Works

Complex remote care protocols easily customized and configured via "drag & drop" tools
Data collected from both monitoring devices and patient-reported outcomes
At-Home Management
Aggregate data validated, cleansed and tagged
Data Analytics
Guidelines autonomously sent to patients
Automatic engagement
Care team
Holistic patient health, insight and recommendation pop-ups displayed when relevant
Care team interfacing

Autonomous, clinical protocol-based care team and patient management covering all remote care aspects

What makes Datos unique

Datos is the only remote care platform on the market that fully automates care pathway decision trees, allowing hospitals to
remotely manage and care for patients with their existing workforce – no dedicated call centers required.

The platform’s unparalleled features include:

Agnostic service delivery across any device, data source, patient profile, and treatment protocol

Rapid, intuitive design of complex care pathways incorporating PGHD (Patient-Generated Health Data), ePRO (Electronic Patient-Reported Outcome), eCRF (Electronic Case Report Form), chatbot, video, and omnichannel communication

A robust data engine and advanced analytics for data cleansing, validation and prediction

A versatile mobile platform enabling individual hospital departments to deploy their own customized patient apps

Reliable detection, management and prediction of severe symptoms and adverse events

QMS, SDLC and HIPAA compliance

A personalized mobile app and
comprehensive care team dashboard
delivering seamless and attentive
home care, and granting patients
control, comfort and peace of mind

Integrates with any wearable and
medical device to deliver vitals and
a steady stream of clean, validated
and relevant patient information

Automated survey generation in
response to wearable- and medical
device-generated readings helps
care teams keep a constant eye on
things from afar

Diverse communication channels,
including virtual video call visits
initiated via a simple press of
a button

Makes alerts parameter
configuration and daily care
and medication reminder setup
quick and simple

patient journey infographics