Datos Health provides Sheba Medical Center with an RPM solution to monitor vitals and aggregate patient generated data. Patient capacity increases along with improved patient engagement.

Sheba Medical Center at Tel HaShomer, Israel is the largest medical center in the Middle East. Sheba Medical Center includes a general hospital, maternity hospital, pediatric hospital, and a rehabilitation hospital. Sheba’s staff consists of over 1,600 physicians committed to the highest standards of diagnostic, therapeutic and rehabilitative medicine and a total staff of approximately 10,000 employees. Each year, the medical center treats over a million patients, and conducts approximately four million medical tests. Sheba uses the most advanced medical technologies to treat patients with the most severe medical conditions.

The Challenge

  • Limited cardiac rehab center capacity
  • No hospital-to-home care continuity
  • Low patient adherence (~30%)
  • Insufficient data on patient activity and wellbeing
  • Logistical burden of travel to and from care center impeding program adherence

The Solution

  • Implementation of Datos Health’s Remote Patient Management platform to capture and analyze patient vitals
  • Insights and feedback shared with both patients and care team, for a clear view of patients’ condition
  • Real-time communication channels employed to directly and continuously connect care teams and patients

Client Snapshot


Sheba Medical Center


Healthcare Institution

Market Reach

  • Largest medical center in the Middle East
  • 1,600+ physicians committed to the highest standards of diagnostic, therapeutic and rehabilitative medicine
  • 90+ research teams



The Benefits

The versatility of Datos’ remote care platform and its ability to increase patient engagement and adherence through personalization of the application is integral to making tele-cardiac rehabilitation a viable option for patients unable or unwilling to participate in center-based cardiac rehabilitation programs.

– Prof. Robert Klempfner, MD, Director of the Israeli Center for Cardiovascular Research
and Scientific Director of the ARC Innovation Center at Sheba Medical Center