Sheba Medical Center Selects Datos Automated Remote Care Platform for Coronavirus Telemedicine Program

Sheba Medical Center Selects Datos Automated Remote Care Platform for Coronavirus Telemedicine Program

Datos technology to help monitor and care for patients with symptoms of low severity in the safety and comfort of their own homes

Tel Aviv, February 18th, 2020 –/PRNewswire/ – Datos, a provider of a hospital-grade automated Remote Care platform, today announced that it has been selected by Sheba Medical Center to support a telemedicine program launched in preparation for the possible arrival of the COVID-19 coronavirus in Israel.

The coronavirus telemedicine program, the first of its kind in the world, is intended to create an innovative patient care center should the virus outbreak become widespread, and is currently being tested on Israeli patients suspected of having contracted the respiratory virus. The program will involve provision of the Datos automated Remote Care platform’s telemedicine app to patients with symptoms of reduced severity, to enable them to remain under remote medical supervision, while in the comfort – and crucial isolation – of their own homes.

The Datos platform is designed to directly and continuously connect patients with their sources of medical care, and makes it easy for care teams to extend their reach via close ongoing contact with outpatients. To help implement Sheba’s coronavirus telemedicine program, the platform-powered Datos mobile app will enable close remote monitoring by making it possible for patients to continuously measure and record their body temperature, and even reminding them to do so. The app will additionally allow medical staff to initiate video calls with patients, so as to check on their condition and provide them with the confidence that they’re fully taken care of.

“If and when the virus does come to Israel, we may end up being overwhelmed with a large number of coronavirus cases, all diagnosed at the same time, which could result in both staff and patients being at risk despite taking the most extreme precautions,” states Dr. Galia Barkai, Head of Telemedicine Services at Sheba. “Datos’ solution can help us greatly reduce this risk by enabling us to monitor less severe patients outside the hospital, in the relative safety and comfort within their homes, with the telemedicine app enabling us to communicate with them via video whenever necessary”.

“We are honored to be part of Sheba’s potentially life-saving initiative,” says Datos Founder & CEO Uri Bettesh. “Datos is the ideal choice for this, being the first platform of its kind that can seamlessly fit into care teams’ existing workflows, and provide them with crucial insights on patients monitored outside the hospital. Our technology and mobile app have already proven their worth in enabling Sheba to remotely monitor people having recently returned from the Far East with symptoms that could indicate coronavirus infection, in their own homes, while keeping both patients and hospital staff as safe as possible from unnecessary exposure”.

About Sheba Medical Center
Sheba Medical Center is dedicated to providing exceptional healthcare to patients from all over the world. It is the largest hospital in Israel and the Middle East, and sets the standard of excellence in patientfocused care. The center’s state-of-the-art tertiary care facilities are located on a comprehensive, allinclusive 200 acre campus with a full range of medical divisions and specialties. During the past year, Sheba Medical Center was named as one of the Top 10 Best Hospitals in the World by Newsweek magazine.

About Datos
Datos is a provider of a robust, hospital-grade Remote Care platform representing a groundbreaking, fully automated approach to patient care and data handling. The Datos platform is a true game-changer in that it delivers on the promise and full potential of patient-generated healthcare data, by enabling automation of patient journeys at highly affordable cost. Datos utilizes advanced analytics and works agnostically across any treatment protocol, patient profile, data source, wearable and medical device, allowing automated detection, management and prediction of irregular symptoms. The platform enables rapid and seamless implementation of remote care within existing workflows, and ultimately improves effectiveness throughout care pathways. For more information, visit, watch a video about our The Datos Coronavirus Telemedicine Program or email

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