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October 23, 2019

Sheba Medical Center Taps Datos For Innovative Remote Care Program

Datos’ core technology for delivering cutting-edge remote patient management strategy accentuates the essence of Sheba’s ARC innovation concept

Tel Aviv, October 23, 2019 /PRNewswire/  – Datos, provider of a flexible hospital-grade Remote Patient Management software platform, announced today that it has been selected by Sheba Medical Center to deliver the technological core for its remote patient care program – an initiative aimed to ensure that Sheba Medical Center patients receive the finest service across the continuum of care. Datos secured this project following a very successful implementation of a TCR (Tele-Cardiac Rehabilitation) solution at Sheba’s Leviev Heart Center Cardiac Prevention and Rehabilitation Institute, a project endorsed by the Israeli Ministry of Health.

Datos’ comprehensive platform enables remote management of home hospitalization as well as discharged patients’ care pathways. It works agnostically across any treatment protocol, patient profile, data source wearables or medical device, allowing automated detection, management and prediction of irregular symptoms, and consequently improving care effectiveness throughout the patient journey. Datos helps clinical teams to maintain optimal continuum of care, leveraging the platform’s big data engine consolidating, analyzing and providing insights on a combination of health indicators collected via remote sensors and wearable medical devices in patient homes, as well as hospital EMR (Electronic Medical Record) data. The platform is designed to directly and continuously connect patients with their sources of medical care, for improved quality of life, and makes it easy for care teams to extend their reach by constantly maintaining close relations with outpatients.

“For many generations, a ‘hospital’ was defined by and restricted to its physical location, with only those being cared for within its walls considered ‘patients’”, said Eyal Zimlichman MD, MSc, Sheba Medical Center’s Chief Medical Officer and Chief Innovation Officer, as well as the founder of the hospital’s ARC (Accelerate Redesign Collaborate) Innovation Center concept. “This paradigm is now changing, and in the near future, hospitals will have to push their boundaries to serve patients, even when these are not physically present on their premises”.

“We are well aware of the need to prepare for this future and embrace innovation in the way we care for our patients”, he adds, concluding that “Datos offered us the right technology at just the right time. The Datos platform is exactly what we need to help us maintain a strong connection between care teams and patients moving to the comfort of their homes, and realize our vision of remote care service. Remote patient management plays an integral role within ARC’s global digital health technology strategy

“We are proud to have been selected as the technology of choice for Sheba Medical Center’s future strategy”, stated Datos Founder & CEO Uri Bettesh. “The Datos platform is the first of its kind to seamlessly fit into care teams’ existing workflows, providing the most relevant insights, at the right time in the right context based on our priority analytical algorithms. Datos platform simplifies remote recovery care and follow-up program management, increases clinician productivity and patient capacity, and ultimately helps hospitals keep costs down.”

About Datos
Datos is a provider of a robust, hospital-grade Remote Care platform representing a groundbreaking, fully automated approach to patient care and data handling. The Datos platform is a true game-changer in that it delivers on the promise and full potential of patient-generated healthcare data, by enabling automation of patient journeys at highly affordable cost. Datos utilizes advanced analytics and works agnostically across any treatment protocol, patient profile, data source, wearable and medical device, allowing automated detection, management and prediction of irregular symptoms. The platform enables rapid and seamless implementation of remote care within existing workflows, and ultimately improves effectiveness throughout care pathways. For more information, visit www.datos-health.com, watch a video about our The Datos Coronavirus Telemedicine Program or email info@datos-health.com.

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