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Why Datos Health?

Datos Health supports the growing need to monitor and care for patients remotely with quick and easy deployment of personalized clinical workflows.

Our solution facilitates connected care delivery across any clinical condition, patient profile, and treatment plans, significantly increasing patient engagement and reducing adverse events. Datos Health can be used as a standalone platform or integrate with any EMR.

The Platform

Care teams can choose from pre-packaged remote care programs which can be fully customized, or they can collaborate with our Client Success team to design their own programs. Patient generated health data (PGHD) is gathered synchronously and asynchronously and is then cleansed, tagged, and validated-saving care teams time and reducing adverse events for their patients.

The solution features a personalized mobile app that integrates seamlessly and agnostically with any device. The care team dashboard features artificial intelligence that provides data analysis and insights, facilitates virtual visits, automates alerts, and enables multiple ways to reinforce patient engagement.


Device Agnostic

Unlike some remote patient monitoring solutions Datos Health can integrate with any connected device. Patients can use devices they already own which improves compliance.


Our app is designed for any patient to use, no matter their previous experience with technology. This is crucial for patient engagement and program adherence.

Fully Automated

Recreate a clinical pathway with our software to streamline care-related tasks and follow-ups to free up the care team. Built-in logic lets patients know what steps to take next.


Our Care Team Dashboard allows clinicians to easily see data trends and receive alerts when a patients’ condition changes allowing them to quickly take action.

Remote Care Programs

Our Care Programs encompass Chronic Care Management, OBGYN, Pediatric Care, Psychiatric Care, Long Term Care and Hospital at Home. If you are interested in a specific use case, contact us as we are always working with providers, health systems and medical centers to develop new programs.

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