For Providers
Delivering on the promise of continuous home care

The Datos Remote Care platform enables physicians, clinicians and care teams to fully embrace digital transformation, and supports providers in safely and effectively shifting patient care from hospitals to the home. The platform ultimately helps increase hospital unit capacity, capture remote patient monitoring reimbursements, and thrive in a value-based care model.

Datos is a user-friendly platform that simplifies remote treatment and follow-up program management, and facilitates AMCs (Academic Medical Centers) in conducting innovative studies. It does so with such powerful capabilities as highly accurate remote patient data collection, automated and personalized treatment-oriented survey generation, and deep learning-based analytics.

The platform empowers patients by granting them much-needed peace of mind with positive engagement and the most attentive care, and allowing them to spend more time in the comfort of their homes.

For Oncology Departments

Making tomorrow’s oncology therapies possible today

  • Personalized mobile app with patient safety and engagement tools
  • Real-time device integration
  • Immediate triggers and adverse event alerts
  • Scalable and adaptable care pathways
  • Customized care team dashboards and workflows
  • Clinical trial-ready (integrated eCOA and vitals)

For Cardiology Departments

Taking cardiology remote care to the next level

  • Value-based care with increased clinician productivity and capacity
  • Ability to capture remote patient monitoring CPT (Current Procedural Terminology) reimbursement codes
  • Significantly reduced readmissions, with high quality of care fully maintained
  • Simplified, automated communication and ePRO (Electronic Patient-Reported Outcomes) surveys
  • Early patient deterioration detection
  • Extended care team reach, with continuously strong patient engagement