Provisioning remote cardiac rehabilitation at Sheba Medical Center*


  • Limited cardiac rehab center capacity
  • Low (~30%) patient treatment adherence
  • Insufficient data on patient activity and wellbeing
  • No hospital-to-home care continuity
  • Lack of access to large population segments, due to logistics (mainly travel and time burden) driven patient reluctance to participate


  • Implementation of Datos Remote Care platform for capture and analysis of patient vitals via connected medical devices
  • Insights and feedback shared with both patients and care team, for a clear view of patient conditions
  • Real-time communication channels provided to directly and continuously connect care team with patients


  • Enhanced care team efficiency and increased patient capacity
  • Improved ability to detect and intervene in CRS (Cardiorenal Syndrome) and NT (Neurotoxicity) patient deterioration
  • Reduced patient anxiety, with travel and health events kept down to a minimum