Congestive heart failure(CHF) study

Tier - 1
Pharmacutical Firm


  • Despite overwhelming evidence supporting the use of treatment guidelines in heart failure, such as ACE inhibitors and ARBs, these are woefully underutilized
  • Guidelines are slowly adopted and inconsistently applied, with utilization of evidence-based therapy demonstrably poor in heart failure patients
  • Data collection for heart failure has been limited and unreliable, especially outside of clinics


  • Implementation of the Datos Care platform for capture and analysis of patient vitals via connected medical devices and PROMs (Patient-Reported Outcome Measures)
  • Alerts management employed to facilitate communication and increase protocol adherence
  • Real-time communication channels provided to directly and continuously connect care team with patients


  • Improved adherence to monitoring plan and protocols
  • Increased program completion rates
  • Optimized data collection, for both biometric and ePRO (Electronic Patient-Reported Outcomes) measures
  • Enhanced clinical analysis of patient measures (medication changes, etc.)