Optimizing home monitoring of multiple myeloma patients receiving CAR-T treatment


  • Inability to manage adverse events and high acuity symptoms at home
  • Inefficient remote monitoring of CRS (Cardiorenal Syndrome) symptoms, low care teamand patient satisfaction
  • Unnecessary repeat patient clinic/ER visits
  • Patient anxiety, low QoL (Quality of Life )and sense of being “left alone” when not in clinic


  • Implementation of Datos CRS and NT (Neurotoxicity) high acuity monitoring platform
  • Care team enabled to easily monitor patients at home, with minimal effort
  • Patients granted access to care team via personalized app,reducing unnecessary clinic/ER visits


  • Enhanced care team efficiency and increased patient capacity
  • Improved ability to detect and intervene in (CRS/NT) patient deterioration
  • Reduced patient anxiety, with travel and health events kept down to a minimum