The Value of RPM Reimbursement

Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) is transforming patient care by providing precise PGHD between in-person visits to improve outcomes, increase patient engagement, streamline clinical efficiency, and lower costs. Now, CMS is expanding CPT code reimbursement for RPM, CCM, RTM, and telehealth to provide an additional revenue stream for healthcare organizations.

Automated, Asynchronous Remote Care Could Be Just What The Doctor Orders

The majority of clinical decisions are made based on a “snapshot in time” of our health, measured and recorded during...

A True Win-Win: Reducing Rehospitalization with RPM

Many healthcare organizations are now turning to advanced Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) systems to reduce rehospitalization rates.

When RPM meets RPA

As medical technology has advanced over the years, we now have the power to greatly improve patient outcomes by remotely...